Hiding numbers megaphone. How to enable anti-on on the megaphone and hide the number for one call

  1. What is a service?
  2. How to make a set using this option
  3. How to hide the number on the Megaphone
  4. How to recognize the hidden number Megaphone
  5. Three ways to hide the number on the Megaphone
  6. How to open a number on a megaphone?

If you have been using mobile communications for a long time, then you probably know that you can hide your own number, that is, the subscriber you are calling cannot see the digits of your phone number and, accordingly, find out who is calling him.

What is it done for? As a rule, if a mobile phone user does not want his number to be recognized by someone: you are an unpleasant person or an unscrupulous private company that can later use your number for personal gain or for illegal SMS mailings. Yes, there are many more reasons you can think of why people hide their phone numbers.

Of course, if you are a literate person and in trouble with a connection, then you absolutely know that for every anti-identifier of the number there is a super-determinant and with its help you can easily determine almost any number of any operator, no matter how others hide it. But back to the main topic of this material.

How can I hide the number on the megaphone?

In order to hide or hide your phone number from prying eyes, you can use the following methods:

1. Probably, this method can be attributed to the most simple, free and unconstrained - the cherished USSD-combination * 31 #. The set of these numbers works only for the operator Megaphone. Other companies such as MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and many more different companies will not have this combination. You can use it in the following way: suppose you decided to call the subscriber with the number 923XXXXXXX, for this user on his device your cell phone number does not have to be determined - then dial the following command: * 31 * 7923XXXXXXX and press the call key. This method allows you to hide your number once, that is, you will use the anti-identifier function once and for free;

2. The second option is for those who successfully own their “mobile friend” and can easily dig through its settings to find these settings there: go to call settings, then find “Send your number” and click to disable this function with a special switch to the left - right.

3 3. The third way is paid. It consists in connecting to your phone number a paid Caller ID service or an anti-identifier for a number. The cost of the service is 5 rubles per day in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Tariffing in other regions, including Central, North-West, Ural, Volga region, Siberia, the Caucasus or the Far East, check at Megaphone.

How to connect the caller ID and hide the number on the megaphone?

There are three ways of activating the anti-identification number service:

With the help of USSD-command * 105 * 501 # and a call key;
- Calling to the contact center Megafon on the number 0500 from your mobile. Prepare a passport;
- go to your personal account in the Service Guide and connect the caller ID service yourself.

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Advantage mobile communications that you only need to look at the phone screen to find out who wants to talk with you. However, sometimes it happens that you want to make a surprise to another subscriber and call incognito. In some cases, hidden communication is necessary, as the one to whom you call, seeing from whom the call is, drops. Correct the situation, you can, if you connect Antiaon Megaphone. This service will help you decide for yourself who should know about the source of the call, and who would be better off in the dark.

What is a service?

About how to hide the number on the Megaphone, sooner or later everyone has to think. Make it simple enough. If you get information about who dialed you for free, you will have to pay one-time or permanently hide your number. cellular operator tariff. The amount of payment depends on what type of service you have connected. You have two options:

  1. Single. That is, you call once to a specific number, and the network makes your connection secret. The one you have typed will be puzzled.
  2. Hiding your number for all calls made.

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The anti-identifier Megafon numbers in a single version will cost 7 rubles. If you have to call often, the amount can be impressive. Cheaper will cost the second option. If you connect to the service, you will have to give only 5 rubles per day, regardless of how many calls you have made.

The advantage of one-time number hiding is the absence of the need to pre-connect.

MegaFon, for those who do not like secret calls to their phone, there is another payable service : SuperAON. Its essence is that even those who pay for the secrecy of their numbers, dialing you, will not be able to remain in incognito status.

How to make a set using this option

One-time Anti-Megafon does not oblige the subscriber to dial a carrier and connect to the service One-time Anti-Megafon does not oblige the subscriber to dial a carrier and connect to the service. All you have to do is dial # 31 #. After this combination, the service will be activated, and you can dial the number you need. Before calling from a hidden Megaphone number, check whether you have money in your account. The system deducts the required 7 rubles from the account before dialing the subscriber.

Sometimes you need to hide your number. Someone wants to make fun of friends, and someone calls the ad and does not run into the mountain. telephone spam thereafter. The reasons for hiding the number is not so little.

If you have a very IMPORTANT or URGENT question, ask !!!

Therefore, all mobile operators provide anti-caller ID service. It is called differently for everyone, but Megaphone is exactly that - “Anti number identifier”. By connecting this service, you will hide your number from everyone you call.

How to hide the number on the Megaphone

This service, as well as many others, can be activated in many ways, including Service Guide, call the operator and visit Megafon office.
Besides the service from the mobile operator, there is one more option in the phone itself, which not everyone knows about. Simply go to the settings and disable the option "Transfer the number to the subscriber." The only negative is that this will not always work, but if you combine this option with the service of an operator, then your number will not be known in any way. Also Megaphone provides the ability to hide a number without connecting services, you just need to dial the combination “# 31 #” before the number of the subscriber in international format . Then this call will be with a hidden number, and the call without additional characters will be as usual. If you need to make a lot of calls with hiding numbers, it will be easier to connect the service itself, which will hide your number for the entire time of its activation. Anti-AON service - paid - 5 rubles per day and 10 rubles for connection. Disabling the service will be free. You can activate the service with the help of USSD-requests "* 105 * 501 #" or "* 105 * 3 * 2 * 3 * 1 * 1 #" - they are equivalent. After a few minutes (most often almost instantly) you will receive an SMS in reply with a notification about the activation of the service.

How to recognize the hidden number Megaphone

There is bad news for fans of Antiaon. It is a service that allows you to identify a number, even if it is hidden. This service is also paid and is connected through Megafon offices. But you can still hide your number - if you enable the option of hiding the number on your phone and activate Anti-AOH, then this service will be powerless. However, to find out your number will still be possible with the help of account details. The details will include all numbers, including hidden ones (except for unanswered calls). Therefore, it’s impossible to hide the number from absolutely inquisitive people, since mobile operators still know who is calling to whom and when.

IMPORTANT: Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is current at the time of this writing. For more accurate information on specific issues, contact the official operators.

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Agree, there are times when you absolutely do not want to “shine” your phone number. Situations are different, so modern mobile operators went to meet their users and gave them the opportunity not to advertise their number. This feature is implemented under the name " Hidden number "And is available from many operators. Some offer it only for corporate subscribers, while others make it accessible to absolutely everyone.

It is worth noting that, depending on the method of activating the “Hidden Number” service, it can be paid or free of charge. If you want to hide your contacts one-time, this will not entail any financial losses. Connecting on an ongoing basis will require a certain subscription fee. But let's move closer and figure out how to hide the number on a megaphone.

Three ways to hide the number on the Megaphone

The first and second methods are completely free. At the same time, it should be noted that you can not use them all the time. The third method is intended for those Megafon subscribers who want to hide their number on a permanent basis.

  1. If you want to use the hidden number function once, just dial * 31 #, and then dial the subscriber’s phone number. As a result, you should have the following number: * 31 # 7924 *******, then feel free to press the "Call" button and be sure that the subscriber at the end of the wire does not see your phone number.
  2. The second method is directly related to the settings of your mobile phone and has nothing to do with the operator. It is worth noting that not all devices have it, but if you have a modern model, try searching. The function is called “Transfer Your Number” and most often is located in the “Call Settings” section. You just need to turn it off.
  3. As we have said, the third method is paid. He assumes that you will constantly use the service. On the Megafon website, you can find it by the name "Number Caller ID". There you will find the cost, which differs depending on the region.

How to open a number on a megaphone?

Once the need to hide your number disappears, you can open it. There are also several ways to do this.

  1. The easiest way is the USSD command. You just need to dial the combination * 105 * 501 * 0 # and press the call button. In response, you will receive a message stating that the service is disabled.
  2. If you prefer to communicate personally with the employees of the mobile operator, call 0500 and inform about your desire to disconnect the service, or contact directly the nearest Megafon branch.
  3. You can also open a number on the Megaphone using personal account . To do this, you need to log in to the site and go to the “Service Guide” section. In it you will find a subsection with the name “Services and Tariff”, in it it is enough to remove the option “Hidden number”. Do not forget to confirm the operation.
  4. If you previously hid your number using the settings of your phone, you can open it in the same way. Just go to the call settings and turn on the “Transfer Your Number” feature.

These simple functions will allow you to more flexibly control your phone calls.

What is a service?
What is it done for?
How can I hide the number on the megaphone?
How to connect the caller ID and hide the number on the megaphone?
What is a service?
How to open a number on a megaphone?


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