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  1. Thomas Was Alone
  2. Monument valley
  3. Blek
  4. 2048
  5. Hitman go
  6. har • mo • ny
  7. KAMI
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A significant part of all the applications that appear daily in electronic stores, trying to develop something in their users to make them better and smarter. Now you can simply download hundreds of epps for the development of your brain. But they are all so boring and tedious that they can only develop boredom. On the other hand, a huge number of new games are constantly appearing. But most of them perform an entertainment function only. The Village decided to combine the interesting with the useful and make perfecting itself fast and fascinating. Therefore, today we will talk about games, which, instead of the usual gaming fan, make it possible to develop your brain and allow you to pump imagination, spatial thinking and other useful functionality of your hemispheres.

A significant part of all the applications that appear daily in electronic stores, trying to develop something in their users to make them better and smarter Thomas Was Alone

299 rubles for Ios

A geometric game about the adventures of a small rectangle called Thomas in the minimalist world of acute-angled labyrinths. The goal of the gameplay is to take Thomas from point A to point B through a series of difficult obstacles and puzzles. During the trip, he will meet many friends of various shapes who will help him solve various problems, and all this will wittily comment on the pleasant voiceover of the English comedian Danny Wallace. The most interesting thing is that behind these geometric frills the real human life with all the complexities of interrelationships is revealed: love, friendship, leadership - this is precisely the idea of ​​the creator of Thomas Was Alone Mike Baysell and is a key part of the game. At the same time, its complexity fluctuates between “very simple” and “hmm, how can it be”, which turns it into an ideal simulator of spatial thinking for any casual user.

If you like to mock your brain, solving logical problems of moving the hero from one place to another, you can try Limbo -
true, especially impressionable is better to stay away from her.

Monument valley

129 wheels for ANDROID and Ios

The main heir to the work of the great graphic artist Maurits Escher and one of the most beautiful mobile games of our time. The game tells about the geometric wanderings of Princess Ida on architectural objects in search of forgiveness. Monument Valley has already managed to play even those who are generally cool about any electronic entertainment. And here it’s all about the three main features that set it apart from all kinds of Temple Run and other Candy Crush: moderate complexity, incredible beauty and short duration. For an unprepared user, Monument Valley may seem rather complicated, but just enough that solving all its puzzles will not disappoint with its ease and at the same time will not cause the desire to anger to break the gadget against the wall. Already on the third level, the brain begins to literally boil over the impracticability of the task: how can I go through that door, if I am where it is, and she's in there? In order to overcome all ten levels, you will have to turn on your spatial thinking and turn the game landscapes in your imagination. But in spite of the seeming impracticability, the solution always strikes one not long enough to wait longer than several minutes. At the same time, the small duration of the game - it can be safely completed in less than half an hour - is an additional motivator for passing: there are only ten levels here, I will deal with it before the sun goes down and forget about it forever. All these factors from the usual game turns it into the best simulator for the development of spatial thinking and imagination.

If you like to turn the game scenery back and forth in search of solving riddles, we advise you to continue to mock yourself with the help of the legendary platformer FEZ which became the main inspiration for the developers of Monument Valley.


33 rubles for Ios

So that one day you don’t feel a lack of imagination and spatial thinking in your head, you need to constantly train them and set them on non-trivial tasks. This can be done with the help of lies or work in an advertising agency, but it is better to download more educational games for yourself, like Blek. Taking on the role of a minimalist artist, here you need to set complex and intricate algorithms for the movement of one line, which will help to collect colored circles and avoid a collision with black ones.


Free for windowsphone , ANDROID and Ios

A parasitic application that recently usurped all the phones and tablets in the country. If you look around, you can see people enthusiastically putting cubes with numbers on their phones in the subway, the elevator, at work, in the middle of a road crossing and even at home. And for all this, 19-year-old developer Gabriele Chirulli is responsible.

The essence of the game is reduced to the folding of the same squares with even numbers that are multiples of two. If you will, this is the Tetris of the future - only instead of correctly spreading out the squiggles squares with similar numbers are burned here. In addition to proper laziness and procrastination, 2048 very well develops logical and spatial thinking, helping to plan their actions a few steps forward. In general, having given this game a few working weeks in a row, you not only lose your job safely, but also learn to quickly multiply by two any numbers that are multiples of two, and foresee your victory without even starting to play.

The most desperate and unburdened users can switch to the sophisticated version 2048 5x5 ( WiNDOWSPHONE , ANDROID
and Ios ) . And if this version seems easy, you can download Threes with which it all started.

Hitman go

169 rubles for Ios

The quintessence of style, logic and cruelty, this simulator of spatial thinking for the most cold-blooded users who appreciate the aesthetics of hired killers. In this game you will be assigned the role of a professional killer, whose task will be the elimination of important persons and the theft of secret data. But do not worry - in fact, all this seems more like simplified chess from the future than a bloody Thursday. Moreover, according to the experience of the author on himself, a long game of Hitman GO stimulates the brain very well. Already 1/4 of the game progress, the brain begins to puff loudly and reboot when you try to complete each level by 100%. At the same time, the functionality continues to expand inexorably: over time, for example, you will have the opportunity to attract the attention of enemies by throwing stones or changing clothes so that enemy pawns can easily pass you by. In general, in order to solve the seemingly simple task, you will have to plan all your actions as precisely as possible and play them beforehand in your imagination - otherwise you will have a long divination and numerous reboots.

har • mo • ny

64.82 rubles for ANDROID and $ 0.99 for Ios

Weird puzzle, offering to move the multi-colored squares according to a given palette. Tightening you with simple puzzles, at the end of the first hour, har • mo • ny will begin to use all the hemispheres of the brain. Over time, the number of shades that need to be collected will increase from two to ten, and from that moment on the game will cease to be a pretty time-killer and will turn into a cruel teacher of spatial thinking. Make one wrong step - and the game is lost, and decide to quit the game - the end to self-improvement.


37.05 rubles for ANDROID and 66 rubles for Ios

Exquisite origami puzzle with Japanese motifs, extremely well mimic the sheets of real colored paper with its characteristic rustle and roughness. Playing KAMI, you can literally feel the texture of a real paper sheet under your fingers. But the main task of this game is not to please the eye, but to strain one’s brains. You are given alternately paper sheets with multi-colored patterns of varying complexity, and your task is to paint the sheet in one color for the minimum number of moves. However, for a complete understanding of the concept, all this must be done with your own hands.

Download also

SpellTower SpellTower

£ 1.49 for Ios

Strata Strata

$ 2.99 for Ios

rymdkapsel rymdkapsel

129 rubles for Ios

Already on the third level, the brain begins to literally boil over the impracticability of the task: how can I go through that door, if I am where it is, and she's in there?


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