Download photos from VC to your computer. How to save photos from a contact to a computer

  1. How to download music from Vkontakte site
  2. How can I download videos from Vkontakte
  3. How to download photo albums from Vkontakte
  4. Installing the program in the browser
  5. Upload all photos from album to computer
  6. Download friends photo albums
  7. Download pictures from the albums of the group

All the time, when you visit any of your numerous pages and view their photos and photo albums, you often want to immediately download a photo on Vkontakte with an album , rather than clicking on each photo separately and downloading it to your PC. It would be quite correct to provide a separate button for downloading a photo album, but, unfortunately, there is no such option at the moment. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to some manipulations associated with the installation of additional software . Just as we considered earlier some.

The program, or rather, the application, for downloading all the photos of the album is and it is not alone. Here we will talk about one of the most popular applications for performing these tasks in the browser. Google chrome . This application is called VkOpt . From the very name it follows that it serves to perform some tasks of Vkontakte with data arrays - photo albums, posts, music and video materials. Among other things, with the help of VkOpt you can save photo albums for a couple of clicks. To install this application, in Chrome, you need to click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right. Next, select the “Additional tools” menu item, then “Extensions”, then click on the “More extensions” URL at the bottom of the page and at the end enter “vkopt” in the search. In this case, you will be taken to the page of the application itself, where the “Install” button will be present. Click on it, thereby installing the extension in your browser.

After installing the extension, you can already download the album of the Vkontakte photo entirely . How to do it? You simply go to the photo album of someone from the set or any other album that you need to download. And it doesn't matter if the person who posted this album is your friend or not. If this is an album in some community, then in order to download it to your PC, you do not need to become a member of this group. You just go to your favorite album, where small previews of photos are located, as shown in the picture below.

You just go to your favorite album, where small previews of photos are located, as shown in the picture below

You can see that the link “Actions” has appeared on the right. We click on the link, as a result of which there is a submenu with various operations for saving this album with photos. Choose a save option that suits us and calmly download the entire album. You can, of course, save the page with the album by pressing Ctrl + S, but in this case all the photos will be saved in a small size. But using VkOpt, you can be sure that the entire gallery will remain in full size. In addition to the considered application, there are still many different ways to download the album in a couple of clicks. This can be done through other known extensions, such as: vkmusic, vktools, etc. You can also resort to the help of third-party resources, for example - vk and many others.

Another application to download all the photos from Vkontakte , which we consider in this publication is called VKMusic . From the title it may seem that we have mixed something up and will now sort out not how to download the photo album, but how. But it is not so. This program, in addition to downloading music from VK, allows you to just as well download all the photos of the selected album in full size in a couple of mouse clicks. First you need to find and install the VKMusic application itself using search engines. After downloading and installing the application, you need to open it via a shortcut or Start. The application is open. In the top menu of the program itself, we find the VKontakte tab and click on it, as shown in the figure below (1). In the pop-up window, click on the link highlighted in red in Figure 1 below.

After that, a window opens in front of us where you need to specify a link to an album with photos of interest (go to the VK album and copy the link address to the second window in the figure above). After that, specify the path to save the photo and click the button "Download photo album." Then we enter our registration data in the next window and observe how all full-size photos of this album are loaded (window 3 in the figure above).

On the site you can find most of the new movies, songs and photos of friends, but download c Vkontakte is not easy. As you know, this site does not provide such opportunities. will help you easily download photos, music and videos from Vkontakte using the convenient application for your browser.

In order for you to download videos, music and photos from a contact, you need to download and install the application - assistant. it free application Easily integrate into the site design and help download information from the site Vkontakte.

There is also a nice bonus. The application will provide an opportunity to download information from other sites quickly and completely free of charge. Such as,,

How to download music from Vkontakte site

1. When you install the application, you need to open a page with music tracks of Vkontakte and hover the mouse over the name of any track. Two links, "Download" and "Options." By clicking on the "Parameters" link, the program will be able to determine the size of the mp3 file and the quality (bit rate). Bitrate it will determine the size of the file, and because of this, its value will be approximate.

2. And in order to immediately download all the tracks from the page, you need to call the menu of the program and click on the button: “Download all mp3 files”.

3. You can also save playlists to your computer for later opening them in the media player. To do this, you need to click on the button: "Download mp3 playlist."

Now, download music from the contact will not be a problem.

How can I download videos from Vkontakte

You can download videos from the Vkontakte website from the video viewing page. Installing this application under the video will always be added direct links to download videos in different quality.

How to download photo albums from Vkontakte

Images Vkontakte can be saved one by one, but it takes a lot of time, especially if there are a lot of them. Installing assistant, you can download photos of entire albums. To download a photo, you need to go to the album, and the link will appear above: “Download album”.

It’s good if experience and intuition will tell you how to act and in which folder to save the image. And if not? Then it is better to turn to knowledgeable people - friends, colleagues or close relatives. Most likely, they will be able not only to do this, but also to teach you, because there is nothing difficult in the procedure - a couple of simple manipulations.

However, if you are reading this article, you will definitely be able to download a photo from VKontakte without any help. And if, the download assistant, is still installed in your computer or laptop, you will be able to save, without problems, not only one image after another in turn, but a whole photo album with just one click.

It is very important to have your own VK account, since some profiles of its users are hidden from the eyes of unregistered visitors, which means that the information will not be available to you.

So, you are logged in to the network now going to download a photo. For this:

  • open it completely by clicking on it with the left mouse button, if you want to get a high-resolution image, and not a mini-copy;
  • Press on right button mouse and in the panel that opens, select "save image as ...";
  • Specify the save folder, disk, or desktop.

For this:

  • select the icon with the name “My Computer” on the desktop and click on it;
  • find the “Downloads” folder in the left corner and open it by clicking on it;
  • look for the downloaded file and drag it to the desktop with the mouse.

Sometimes it is necessary to download not ten or twenty photos, but hundreds and even a thousand of them to your disk. This procedure can last unrealistically long and tedious, take a lot of precious time.

The question arises: is it possible to do everything quickly, effortlessly and safely? In fact, there is not one, but even several ways. It only remains to decide which one you like and seem the least difficult.

It only remains to decide which one you like and seem the least difficult

By installing the helper, you can easily and free download the favorite photo album of your favorite communities or certain entire users to your computer directly from any VKontakte page. Only after installing the program do not forget to enable the extension in your browser.

  • enter your profile and find in the left column “Photos”, “My Albums”, select the desired one among them, and then download it by clicking on the corresponding button highlighted above the thumbnails of the pictures;
  • if you need some interesting photo materials of a community, then go to its page, select “Photo Albums” at the bottom right, then left-click on “download photo album”.

The same program will allow you to download not only images, but also video clips, audio tracks from popular sites, video hosting sites in good quality . Notice the blue arrow that appears next to each video and audio recording. Just click on it and the download will start.

The extension works on the most famous browsers and it is easy to disable it when needed. Thus, you get a universal assistant for downloading your favorite movies and music.

Thus, you get a universal assistant for downloading your favorite movies and music

You can download a large number of images using a special paid download service and transfer albums, for which you need to go to and insert a link to the source (group, profile, album) where the photographic materials you are interested in are located.

Thus, the application will publish the archive with your photos and after payment will provide a link to the server. In a week he will be safely removed.

Also, through the services of this site you can transfer an album from one profile to another, indicating at the destination a link to the page where it should be transferred.

Also, through the services of this site you can transfer an album from one profile to another, indicating at the destination a link to the page where it should be transferred

For downloading every 200 photos you need to pay 1 credit worth 5 rubles. You can buy them by credit card or electronic money. The nice thing is that the first entry to the site provides a start-up loan, which is enough to upload about two thousand photos.

If the above options are not arranged, we offer you another free way , allowing you to download any files in the maximum quantity - this is an installation VKMusic programs 4. Practically, this is an analogue of the helper, but with a different interface and some difference in functions. To some, it seems more convenient, so just in case, we’ll tell you how to use it to download a photo album.

First of all, you need the address of the page where it is located. It must be copied. Then:

  • find the VKontakte item in the main menu of VKMusic and click on it;
  • in the opened window select “download photo album from contact”;
  • in the dialog box for entering the parameters paste the copied link into the field;
  • in the second field specify the folder to save;
  • click on the "download photo album" button.

All photos and pictures will be saved in the specified folder in the same quality as they were uploaded. Of course, provided that this album was not closed by the user for viewing. In this case, the system will display an error message when loading.

In addition to these three methods, there is a server “loading albums from VKontakte”. This site will allow you to get up to 1000 images in one click. There is no need to download any program, you just need to go to the desired page and enter in the field a previously copied link to the album. Click on the "Go" button and as a result, a Zip-archive with the album and the necessary images is downloaded to your computer.

Hope this article helped. Now you can independently download any number of photos from VKontakte and enjoy viewing them.

It so happens that users are uncomfortable to download one photo from the album, when you need to download everything at once.

Today we will tell you how to download an entire album from VKontakte in a couple of minutes. You can download both from the personal page and from the community where there is open access to the photo / album.

A lot of sites exist today that offer such options. But, each of them asks for authorization through the social network, and, accordingly, can use this data for its own purposes and almost everything, they do not work or partially function.

We have good news for you! Read the instructions for.

Installing the program in the browser

Go to the official website and download the installation file format.exe to your computer.

When installing, you will be prompted to install the extension in Google Chrome and   Mozilla firefox   - select the one from which you are going to upload albums with photos to your PC (you can check the boxes for both) When installing, you will be prompted to install the extension in Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox - select the one from which you are going to upload albums with photos to your PC (you can check the boxes for both). It is important that during the installation process all browsers are closed. When it is completed, we launch the browser and, going to the Extensions section, you will see the name Tampermonkey (enable it if it was turned off).

Everything is ready for mass uploading pictures from photo albums!

Upload all photos from album to computer

It is installed in google browsers Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, does not require authorization and is completely free. At the time of this writing, Internet browser Explorer did not support it (perhaps in the future it will appear under it - we will definitely report here about the changes).

It is also worth noting that in addition to the mass upload of pictures and albums, you also get the opportunity to save video and audio files to your computer. It is also important that the site does not block accounts for using this script.

Download friends photo albums

After the extension has been installed and enabled, go to the page of the person who you want to download massively images. Select the album you are interested in and open it.

Under its name you will see the number of photos uploaded to it, comments to all the images in it (if access is granted) and the “Download Album” button. By clicking on it, the program will calculate how many pieces and by clicking "Continue" in the dialog box, you confirm the saving.

By clicking on it, the program will calculate how many pieces and by clicking Continue in the dialog box, you confirm the saving

Attention: it will be impossible to cancel or suspend the download! If you need to download more than 1 000 pieces - check the availability of free space on your hard disk.

Download will happen almost instantly (depending on the number and size of images). Saving will be completed in the folder that is specified in the browser settings, we recommend that you create a folder on your desktop and name it the same way as the album you are downloading and transfer all the photos into it so as not to get confused.

Download pictures from the albums of the group

If you in some community liked the album with the pictures uploaded there - you can download it using this application to your computer. Go to the group and through the block Photo Albums, select the desired selection of images and go to it. The sequence of actions is the same as described above.

Entering the page (in the address bar there will be something like this:**************) look for the “Download Album” button and click on it.

In a pop-up window, the extension will show the number of files that will be downloaded from the site. In the same window, you will see a button-link with which you can view a list of all URLs of images in text format (most likely you will not need it).

Click "Continue" and all the pictures are saved for one or a few seconds (depending on their quantity and quality of the Internet) to a computer or other removable storage medium. After all of them have been saved to us, you can transfer all these images to your friends via instant messengers or upload to your phone.

Article updated and updated: 12/08/2016.

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