How to save audio from contact. How to delete at once all audio recordings

  1. Install Google Chrome
  2. Installation of the extension for downloading music from VK
  3. Downloading videos from Vkontakte servers
  4. Delete one composition
  5. How to remove all the audio at once?
  6. How to delete saved audio Vkontakte
  7. Video Tutorial: we delete audio records of Vkontakte

As you know, the social network " Vkontakte " is a huge archive of songs and videos that are completely free access there and, with little effort on our part, can be downloaded from there and saved to a computer . Moreover, unlike the “”, there are no viruses, advertisements and other nasty things in the VC that can prevent you from enjoying songs from the top of the charts. The method I want to tell you about will not require you to install various spyware programs on your computer, such as lovivkontakte or vksaver.

And so, the first thing we need is a browser - Google Chrome. If you are a fan of Opera or Mozilla Firefox, then it is time to switch to Chrome. The program is really convenient and smart. In any case, you can install several browsers on your computer and there will be no conflicts between them, such as with antivirus programs.

Install Google Chrome

Go by this link, click "Install Google chrome , In the next window, select “ Accept the conditions and install ”the installer will download to the computer, launch it and after a couple of minutes (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), the new browser will be installed and automatically launched.

Installation of the extension for downloading music from VK

A small add-on called MusicSig Vkontakte Lite allows you to download music from Vkontakte without much fuss . Going here we get to the store google apps Chrome.

Click "Install"

In response to a request, we reply

The extension is downloaded to the PC and automatically installed. Restarting the browser is not necessary, open new tab , go to the site Vkontakte, where the section audio now a diskette icon appears next to each file. It looks like this:

Clicking on this icon you start downloading the song on the computer that interests you. The extension also supports the drag and drop function, that is, you can hold the floppy disk with the left mouse button and drag it to any folder on the hard disk. The program will automatically save the audio to the location you specified. Here, everything is simple!

Downloading videos from Vkontakte servers

With the installation of this extension, when viewing video files located on Vkontakte servers, there are links to download them.

Here, you can select the video resolution (the file size will depend on it). I turn video files that are physically located on other hosting (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) in this way can not be downloaded.

In conclusion, I will tell you about one more useful extension for Google Chrome, which is called Adblock. You can download it, it is also installed in 2 clicks. Cuts almost all advertising on sites, removes pop-up windows and banners. Significantly speeds up page load times.

You can listen to any music and add it to your audio recording section. Thereby, collecting your collection. What about the reverse process? How to immediately remove all audio Vkontakte ? I'll show you now.

Delete one composition

Go to your page, and open the section "Audio recordings". Find the song you want to delete in the list. Hover the mouse over it, and in the menu that appears, click on the icon in the form of a cross.

The song will be deleted.

How to remove all the audio at once?

If we have a large collection, then delete one by one for a very long time. VKopt extension will come to the rescue. Here is a link to the installation.

Http: //

Select the version for your browser from the list, and download it.

Install an extension for your browser (see), restart it and go to VC. If everything was done correctly, you will see a window with settings.

You can simply close it.

Now go to the section "Audio recordings", and click on the link "Delete All".

Now go to the section Audio recordings, and click on the link Delete All

How to delete saved audio Vkontakte

If you go to social network through the application, then while listening to the song, it is saved in the cache (see). After that, it will not be reloaded, and it will be played directly from the phone. This allows you to listen to music without the Internet (see).

But it may happen that you run out of free space, and the saved music will need to be deleted. Here is how it is done.

Run the application, open the menu and select the item.

Now we find and click on the button “Clear music cache”. We confirm the operation.

We confirm the operation

Video Tutorial: we delete audio records of Vkontakte


Sometimes the VKopt extension does not work. In this case, there will be no button to delete music. The developers promise to correct the situation.

In contact with

All of us, being Vkontakte, we are constantly looking for or listening to music, we save our favorite songs, from which we create playlists. But over time, all our music bothers us, new ones appear musical preferences , new artists, new popular songs. That is why many VK users are often interested in the question of how to delete all Vkontakte audio recordings at once . In this publication on our resource, we will try to give an exhaustive answer to this question. For such purposes, there are a number of applications and programs that will help, delete your music, etc. In general, all these third-party programs expand the functionality of VK. But they, too, are constantly changing, becoming obsolete, others come to the place of some. Let's try to find applications or browser extensions that are relevant today. So, one of these extensions that you can install on your google browser Chrome is called VkOpt . Just "beat in" in Google this name and go to the page . There select your browser and download the application. This application works well and has many useful features for working with VC. Due to this, VkOpt already has a huge popularity from users.

After installing the extension, we reload our Vkontakte page. Next, go to the menu item "My Audio", as can be seen from the figure above (1). Also, in the left menu of the site after installing VkOpt , a link to the extension itself appears (3 in the picture above). Now, next to each song in your playlist, in addition to the “Play” button, there will be a button for downloading audio recordings, and on the right (2 in the picture above) there will be a “Delete All” link. If you click on this link, you can delete all the music on your VK page after confirmation.

Many spend most of their time on Vkontakte via their smartphone or tablet. Therefore, they are interested in the question of how to delete the saved audio records of Vkontakte on Android . We answer. This can be easily done by logging in on your phone on Vkontakte.

This can be easily done by logging in on your phone on Vkontakte

Next, touch the three horizontal bars - opens the navigation menu. Touch the “Settings” item (see Figure 1 above). After that, a window opens with account settings, where there is an item “Advanced Settings” (see 2 in the screenshot above). Touch this item, then go to window 3. In this window, we find the section "Cache of audio recordings" and clear it, as shown in the picture. All, we deleted the saved VC music on the android from the device cache. Delete the same music from your page through the application on the android can not be just as you can not delete. To completely clean your compositions, go to Vkontakte from your computer and do it as described above in this publication.

We have already told you how to delete saved Vkontakte audio recordings using third-party application . You know how to delete everything in a couple of mouse clicks. But there are also such users of VK, who do not want to install any extensions or programs for themselves.

In this case, you can delete all tracks without applications, but you have to spend a little time to remove all the songs from the page one by one. Well, if you do not have so many songs. Then it won't take long. To get rid of an outdated or annoying audio recording, just move the mouse over it and you will see a cross on the right. When you hover the mouse over this cross, a prompt pops up about deleting the audio recording. Click alternately on these crosses next to each song and, after a while, you will get rid of all the music on the page.

What about the reverse process?
How to remove all the audio at once?


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