In what format should there be ringtones for iPhone. Convert a song to a different file format using iTunes

  1. Convert songs already in your iTunes library
  2. Convert songs and files in a folder or on disk
  3. Additional Information
  4. About compression
  5. Create a ringtone using iTunes
  6. Change the extension of the sound file
  7. Set the melody on iPhone

This article describes how to convert a song to a different file format while maintaining a copy of the original.

Via iTunes software You can convert songs to compression formats and vice versa. For example, it is sometimes necessary to import some uncompressed files into iTunes as compressed files to save disk space. Examples of compression formats: MP3 and Apple Lossless. Examples of formats without compression: AIFF or WAV.

Sound quality should not decline in the following cases:

  • conversion from one format without compression to another.
  • conversion from compressed format to non-compressed format;

A reduction in sound quality is possible in the following cases:

  • conversion from one format with compression to another;
  • Convert from a non-compressed format to a compressed format.

For more information on compressing audio files, see.

For best results If music is required in a different format, re-import from the original source using new format coding.

Conversion to another format is possible for songs from your iTunes library, from a folder or from a disc.

Convert songs already in your iTunes library

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Mac: In the menu bar at the top of the computer screen, select iTunes> Preferences.
    Windows: In the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, select Edit> Preferences.
  3. Open the “General” tab and click “Import Settings” at the bottom of the window.
  4. Click the menu in the "Importer" section and select the encoding format to which you want to convert the song.
  5. In the library, select one or more songs that you want to convert.
  6. Choose File> Convert, and then click Create Version In Format [format]. The format selected in step 4 is displayed. For example, if you selected Apple Lossless format, click Create Apple Lossless Version.

In the library, new song files will appear next to the source files.

Convert songs and files in a folder or on disk

Songs can be imported to iTunes while converting them. In this case, a converted copy of the file will be created in the iTunes library, taking into account the iTunes settings.

To convert all songs in a folder or disk, follow these steps.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Mac: In the menu bar at the top of the computer screen, select iTunes> Preferences.
    Windows: In the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, select Edit> Preferences.
  3. Open the "General" tab, and click "Import Settings" at the bottom of the window.
  4. Click the menu in the “Importer” section and select the encoding format to which you want to convert the songs.
  5. Click "OK" to save the settings.
  6. Holding down Option key (Mac) or Shift (Windows), select “File”> “Convert”> “Convert to [import format]”. The format selected in step 4 is displayed. For example, if you selected Apple Lossless as the format, click Convert to Apple Lossless.
  7. Select the folder or disc with the songs you want to import and convert. iTunes converts all songs to the specified location.

Songs in the original format and converted songs are added to your library.

Additional Information

When you convert a file using iTunes, the original file remains unchanged in its previous location. iTunes creates the converted file from a copy of the source file.

About compression

When converting songs to specific formats with compression, some data may be lost. Compression can significantly reduce file sizes, so you can store more songs in your library. However, the sound quality may deteriorate compared to uncompressed source files.

It is sometimes impossible to determine the difference between compressed and uncompressed songs by ear. It all depends on the song, speakers or headphones, as well as on the device on which the music is played.

If during compression of a song a part of the data is lost, it will not be possible to reverse this action. The sound quality in a song converted from a compression format to an uncompressed format does not improve. This will only cause the file to take up more disk space. An example is the conversion of songs from MP3 format (compressed format) to AIFF (uncompressed format). The song takes up much more space on the hard disk, but it sounds just like a compressed file. To take advantage of uncompressed formats, choose one of them when importing songs.

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Today, the most popular smartphone is the iPhone, in its various versions and trim levels. Every day, hundreds of users become happy owners new iphone . But not all subscribers are able to maximize the opportunities. this device . One of the questions that owners of such a gadget are often interested in is the question of how to create a ringtone for the iPhone, as well as how to set it instead of the usual melody. There are several solutions to this problem, but the most popular, convenient, and just is the method of using the media center iTunes.

Create a ringtone using iTunes

The program provides the ability to edit any audio from the library, as well as setting it as a ringtone for iPhone on an incoming call or a message. Working with the mentioned program is actually very easy. To make a ringtone through the popular program of iTunes, you need to consistently perform the following actions:

Change the extension of the sound file

Set the melody on iPhone

The next step is to install the finished ringtone on your phone. For this you need:

For this you need:

If you do everything as carefully as possible, consistently and clearly, the installation will end with a successful ending. There is nothing difficult in this, the subscriber will need only initial skills and operating skills. mobile device and the program in question.


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