What to send to a megaphone to call back

  1. How to ask another person to call back at Megaphone?
  2. How to ask to call back on "Megaphone"?
  3. Other services at “zero”
  4. Conclusion
  5. Request to call back on Megaphone
  6. How to send a request “Call me back please”
  7. How to throw a free SMS
  8. Service "Top up account"
  9. Team "Waiting for a call"
  10. Video: how to ask to call back on a megaphone
  11. How to throw a chime
  12. How to send a request to call back on a megaphone
  13. How to throw a lighthouse from Megaphone with a request to recharge
  14. How many times can I use the service Beggar on a megaphone
  15. Is the request to call back on the megaphone disconnected

Even regularly exercising balance control on mobile number , you may find yourself in a situation where the amount needed for the call is not in the account. Situations in life happen different, and it is not always possible to replenish the balance on time. Of course, thanks to the many options for paying a mobile bill, the task of making Money greatly simplified. But what if you urgently need to contact a person, but the Internet is turned off at home, the terminal in the nearest store breaks down, and you get to the office and the ATM for at least half an hour? How to ask the right person to call back at Megafon? The possibility of such situations was provided by almost all mobile operators, including Megafon.

How to ask another person to call back at Megaphone?

The service, which will be discussed later, is better known among the people as a "beggar" or "bum". With it, you can notify the other subscriber that you want to contact him. How in Megafon to ask to call a subscriber if there are not enough funds in the account to make a call? To do this, you just need to enter on your mobile phone a special combination of characters and add the number of the right person to it. After that, the subscriber will receive a text message containing a request for a call. Of course, no one will force a person to call back, but you can notify him of your desire to contact him in this way.

How to ask to call back on "Megaphone"?

To send a request for a call, you must dial the following USSD request on your phone: * 144 * number of the subscriber with whom you need to talk #. It should be noted that the number must be entered without “8” or “+7”. Example of entering a request for sending a request “Call me back”: * 144 * 90 10010011 #. This service is provided free of charge. You can send a request to any subscriber cellular operator . However, a limit of 10 messages is set per day. This means that when you try to send a USSD request for the eleventh time, the operator will notify you that the limit has been reached. You can also use the “Call me” service while roaming on the same conditions. However, do not forget that incoming calls when located outside the home region are charged (and if there are none on the account, then the subscriber will not be able to call you back).

Other services at “zero”

How do you ask me to call back at Megafon if the limit on sending relevant requests has already been reached? Just try to call the subscriber: if you have the amount necessary for the connection on the account, then wait a few beeps and hang up (in this case, if your number is familiar to the person, he will most likely call you back). In a situation where the balance is close to "zero", you can also dial the desired number. In response, you will hear that the money in the account is not enough to connect, and the subscriber will be sent an SMS message that you tried to call him.


In this article, we talked about how to ask to call back at Megafon, in a situation where there is no money on the balance for a call. We hope that these tips will be useful and help out in a difficult situation.

It would be nice if the mobile phone never ran out of money! But often there are times when you need to urgently get through to someone, but there is no amount on the balance. Not everyone knows how to send a request to call back on Megaphone, so they often find themselves in an unpleasant situation. To avoid such problems, Megafone subscribers should be aware of all the features of their mobile communications .

Request to call back on Megaphone

The company offers within its tariffs a variety of options and opportunities to contact another person without money. All services are so simple that any subscriber can use them. The free “Call me” function is available to users of all tariffs, as it is connected automatically. The option starts to work at the moment when the client runs out of money on the balance, and he tries to call. Then the operator sends a message to the recipient that they want to call him.

How to send a request “Call me back please”

How else to send a request to call back on Megaphone? The operator provides its customers with an additional service - a beacon that allows you to send SMS to your comrades asking you to call. If you don’t know how to drop the beacon from the Megaphone, then memorize the request structure, which must be dialed on a mobile phone: * 144 #, and then the number of the called user and at the end put the lattice again #.

As a result of these actions, a person will receive on your behalf a short SMS message asking you to call. Confirmation that a request has been made will also come to your mobile phone. Megafone is the only mobile operator in Russia that allows you to use the SMS beggar not only within your own network, but also among other operators. To block the receipt of a beacon is also an opportunity. Although the ban option is not provided, you can blacklist the name of the person, then he will not send you SMS.

How to throw a free SMS

How to throw a free SMS

How to send a free megaphone, you already know. But do not forget that the company has set a daily limit for its use. When the provided SMS is exhausted, use other communication options. On the Internet on the official website there is also the opportunity to contact the right subscriber without money. To do this, go to the appropriate section, enter the phone of the person being called, type in the text and indicate the number of your mobile phone.

On the company's website you can see your balance, find out the number and find information about all the operator’s free services. You will also be available for any new Megafon promotion. For example, the service “Year of boundless love” has started. With this tariff, the user can talk with a loved one for free for a whole year. The service is available from any laptop, tablet and mobile phones .

Service "Top up account"

It is easy to replenish the account without additional fees in " Personal account »Through the official website of the operator. Balance replenishment can also occur with the help of auto payment, only you need to first attach the bank card to the phone. When the money runs out, you just need to set the following combination of numbers * 117 * amount # on the mobile phone. Write-off of the indicated amount will occur with bank card automatically.

Team "Waiting for a call"

Team Waiting for a call

You can download the application “Waiting for a call” on the Internet, if you have an android. Using it, you will be in touch with any balance. The downloaded application allows you to notify the necessary contacts about the desire to talk. There is another beggar in Megafone - replenishing your account with a friend. To do this, dial the combination * 143 * (number of the called user) # on the phone and press “Call”. A friend will receive a message about the request to make a money transfer to your account. SMS confirmation will come to your mobile phone.

We will tell you how to call at the expense of the interlocutor when the money is over. Unlike competitors, Megafone provides its customers with the most thoughtful service that does not require good memory: dial the following combination: 000 (number of the desired subscriber), then press the Call button. If a person confirms his willingness to talk for his money, then the cost of a conversation will be removed from his balance.

Video: how to ask to call back on a megaphone

As you can see, throwing an SMS with a request to call is very easy, especially if you are a happy owner of an android, for him the developers have simplified the service as much as possible. It is no longer necessary to monitor the balance and worry that the funds at the most inopportune moment will end. If you still do not quite understand how you can send a request to call back on Megaphone, then watch two training videos on this topic:

How to throw a chime

How to send free SMS

It is nice if you can always and under any circumstances make a mobile call. However, we are not talking about situations where you just want to chat a little with friends. After all, there are many more important reasons when really important things depend on a perfect phone call. For example, health or finance issues. Or even just when you need to ask a friend to meet you at the metro with an umbrella, because heavy rain has begun. Webmasters will have to install HTTPS certificates

In such situations, there is absolutely no time or willingness to wait when the right person guesses to call himself. A lot best option will ask him about such a call.
Different operators in Russia have a similar service. It’s called “Call me” and it means that you have a free opportunity to send a text message to telephone number any of mobile operators Russia. The content of all such text messages is approximately the same - in them, please call you back.

The only thing you need with all this is to decide how exactly this service is implemented by your mobile operator.

For example, you have a megaphone - how to ask to call back? In reality, everything is more than simple. You simply dial * 144 # on your phone, and then enter the number of the subscriber you need, who will call you back and, finally, #. I will give the following combination as an example: * 144 # 9221234567 #

As a result of such manipulations, your friend, whom you definitely need to call, receives a text message from you asking you to call you back. You, in turn, also receive a message confirming that the corresponding request was indeed sent.

As you can see, phoning with the right person for you is quite possible. And for this you absolutely do not need money in the account. The only thing that can be added is that it is unusually nice when the operators cellular communication think over such trifles, which then can significantly make life easier for their subscribers.

If you know other ways to send SMS with a request to call you back, please leave your comments.

Mobile companies care about their customers: for people with a zero balance, a service was invented on the SIM card that helps to contact another subscriber. Free messages, which are popularly called "beggar", are available to all users of the operator. If you run out of money, you should know how to send a request to call back from Megaphone.

How to send a request to call back on a megaphone

The Call Me service does not charge for sending SMS, it is activated automatically on all phones. This is an easy way to ask how to call back on the subscriber’s Megaphone if the money on the balance runs out. A “homeless” person will be able to use a client who really has no funds in the account, but if there are any, then the request simply will not work. In order to transfer a request with a call back to a person, you need to dial the following USSD command: * 144 * recipient number # call button. In the final form, the combination will look, for example, like this * 144 * + 79198457325 #.

After a few seconds, the recipient will receive a message with the text “Call me please” and your phone number. If you have enabled the function of receiving delivery reports, you will receive a notification about the success of the request. If the subscriber has not contacted you, you can use another service - “Call at the expense of a friend”. To do this, just enter “000” in front of the phone. Next, dial the phone without spaces or additional characters.

How to throw a lighthouse from Megaphone with a request to recharge

You can send another free request to friends or family members - “Pay for me”. The principle of the request is the same as sending a beacon on a megaphone: a message comes to the person with the text of the request to replenish the balance and phone number of the sender. If desired, the client can simply ignore it without performing the specified actions. For sending, the USSD command is used in the following format * 143 * recipient number # and the call button. Then you just have to wait for a friend to pay for your replenishment.

You can use this service no more than 5 times a day, then the limit ends and you can’t send SMS. The service provider warns all users that you should carefully check the sender of the beacon. Some subscribers simply receive a message and send money to it without checking the phone number. This is a form of scam that many people have suffered from.

This is a form of scam that many people have suffered from

How many times can I use the service Beggar on a megaphone

For anyone who knows how to send a beacon from Megafon, it should be borne in mind that 10 such requests are available per day. This is the only restriction that the company has set for this service. This amount is provided for all tariffs in the Megafon network. As a rule, this number of free messages with a request to call is enough, but sending a team does not always guarantee its receipt by a second user. There is no need to connect this service, but if you wish, a person can deactivate it.

Is the request to call back on the megaphone disconnected

Above were described ways to send a beacon from a megaphone, they are available to each client of the company. If desired, a person can put a restriction on receiving such SMS. This is necessary if they come to you too often, you also do not have funds in your account for calls, or you simply would not want to receive the so-called beggars from other network clients. There are several ways to disable this service:

  1. Call 0500 and tell the support center specialist that you would like to disable the ability to receive these messages. The employee will ask you verification questions to make sure that you are the owner of this card, and within a few minutes will disable the ability to receive beacons.
  2. You can add a user who sends too many such beacons to the blacklist using the USSD command. You will need to dial the sequence * 130 * number in international format # call. The same can be done by sending a message to the number 5130 with the phone of an unwanted client.

How to ask another person to call back at Megaphone?
How to ask to call back on "Megaphone"?
How to ask the right person to call back at Megafon?
How to ask another person to call back at Megaphone?
How in Megafon to ask to call a subscriber if there are not enough funds in the account to make a call?
How to ask to call back on "Megaphone"?
For example, you have a megaphone - how to ask to call back?


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